Integrate WordPress, Twitter and Facebook

Integrate WordPress, Twitter and Facebook

A few months ago I wrote about Integrating WordPress with twitter, today I want to expand on that and tell you how you can integrate WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in one seamless operation.

UPDATE June 2012: Video Tutoral

Feel free to read the whole blog post, but I’ve created a free video tutorial to show you how to do all this.


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OutPosts and Home Base

I am a firm believer in Darren Rowse’s idea of home bases and outposts. My home base is here at where I bring you my blog posts and hopefully interest you in some WordPress Technical Support I own this property and I can do whatever I want here.  The content is mine.

The outposts I use are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I don’t own the content I create on twitter et al and I could be thrown off the site if I contravene any of their rules or regulations, so the activity I do there and the content I create, whilst still important, is expendable if I choose not to continue tweeting or stumbling.

What I hope to accomplish at the outposts is to meet other people build relationships and if they care,for them to visit my home base site.

The problem is social media is that it can be a huge time suck.  I want to concentrate on my home base and update my outposts as easily as possible.

Create Quality Content And Syndicate

What I want is to create quality content then syndicate it to as wide an audience as possible as easily as possible.  To do that I do the following:

  • Create blog posts here at
  • Syndicate news of the bl0g post via twitter tools
  • Integrate my twitter updates with Facebook using the twitter Facebook Application.
  • Integrate my LinkedIn updates with Twitter  so my updates are posted there too.
  • Concentrate all of my social media efforts on Twitter using Tweetdeck, knowing it will be replicated on Facebook and LInkedIn

Integrate WordPress and Twitter

I use twitter tools  to integrate WordPress and twitter, I’ve already written a detailed blog post about that, you can read it here.  The key to my whole integration policy is to push once to twitter and then to link FB and LinkedIn to my twitter account to pull in that information.

Read this post on details of installing and configuring twitter tools see Integrating WordPress with Twitter

Integrate WordPress and linkedIn

Half of the hard work is already done if you integrate  WP and Twitter as I suggest above.  inside of your LinkedIn profile it a twitter option, you can set this to automatically pull your tweets into your LinkedIn account.  NOTE uncheck the box using the #in hashtag so all tweets go into twitter.

Twitter Facebook Application

The twitter Facebook application takes your tweets and adds them as an update on your Facebook profile.  YOu can also set those updates to go to a particular page if you prefer

The twitter FB application is available at

Once you have added the application to your FB profile, you are asked to enter your Twitter ID and password.  Then any updates you make on twitter will add an entry on your profile.  This is a two way integration so any updates you add to FB will also be pushed to Twitter.

Free Video Tutorial

I’ve got a video tutorial to show you how to do this in my members only site,


I’ve got a free video tutorial to show you how to do all of these tasks.

  1. Mukesh
    January 19, 2010

    I integrated with Twitterup wordpress plugin and Twitter facebook application. Have it a look here: BITLY LINK REMOVED http:// blog chapagain com np

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  3. Walter Boomsma
    August 12, 2010

    Very interesting and helpful… I may look into the “tweeting” aspect. As for Facebook… we’re definitely on similar pages. I added a FB “like” button to my posts and pages. A friend tested it for me and sent me a screen shot of what happened.

    Without going through all the details, it appears that using the like button gives FB permission to change some of your privacy settings.

    I’v left the button up for the time being, but find self re-thinking the relationship between my site and facebook.

    • jrhghostwriter2020
      March 8, 2011

      In Support of Facebook,

      True that the “share” option on this site can appear intrusive at first glance but, this only happens now and then and it is not a continuous phenomenon. What I do is chose the “cancel” button when asked if I’d like to share any private info. Most of the time you are only asked if you want to share (link) this page with your Fb page audience and, no pertinent info is asked for. It’s like some sites request more info and Fb lets you decide where to go from there, in the end it’s your choice. This is more than I can say about other sites that simply suck as much of your info as they can upfront or behind the scenes. The way I look at Fb is that they are offering me a free (nada, zilch) advertising venue and social drop in couch to do my thing. For that I am forever grateful. So it’s just a matter not putting the cart before the horse and never biting the hand that feeds you; especially when it’s a free meal.

      • Walter Boomsma
        March 9, 2011

        I’m not, of course, anti-Facebook but I do make a distinction between advertising media and social media. There are issues besides privacy (including control issues) that can impact where it makes sense to advertise. Free meals aren’t always good for you… and there are those who would suggest that there really is no such thing as a “free lunch.” My students will sometimes argue that if it’s free, go for it. I then suggest that they I hope they are taping their business cards in the stalls of every public bathroom they use–won’t cost you a dime and you do have a captive audience!

        I did, by the way, ultimately remove the “like” button from my site.

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  5. Social Software Guru
    December 4, 2010

    I enjoyed reading your insight…social media software is vital in marketing today, we work at creating it every day.

  6. nick cottrell
    January 19, 2011

    thank you for the entry. i’ve been wrestling with this exact issue: what to do with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, Worpress, Myspace (I’m a musician on the side, ok! don’t judge) and other blog-ish type things… i think i’ve come up with a solution similar to yours. the idea is to use twitter as the ‘tweet’ hub, because it integrates with all the other apps and is part of the ‘twitter-sphere’… which is an adjustment, but will hopefully include more people in the conversation.

    i like the pub analogy, however, i’d say that FBook is more like visiting your old college bar, after a reunion or something, and very casually shooting the sh*t with people who you’ve known for a while. Twitter is like sitting at a lunchroom discussion with a bunch of engineers at your local tech start-up. witty banter that can be cryptic at times but requires you to be a ‘smart person’ and ultimately pushes you to learn more.

    design is conversation. cheers,

  7. Dick
    February 16, 2011

    Wow! at last, someone with some credibility feels the same way about Facebook as I do on a business level. Please allow me to finish the analogy you used with the Pub, and by the way, I have enjoyed my share of pubs (real ones not the fake ones in the US)in my time in both Scotland and Ireland and am saddened to hear about the nasty beer tax. Anyway, here you are in the Pub with these kids all around you, just about to put the goggles on and let fly when you come to your senses and just leave. Only problem is the Facebook kids FOLLOW you home! You rush outside and ask them to leave, if they don’t you are going to call the law, they pretend to leave but hang a sign on your door that says “Make a million bucks in one day-online guaranteed! Free Book tells you how”and every bum, wino and scammer in town is ringing your bell, day and night, sharing your location with other scammers. they rifle through your mail and talk to your neighbors and there is nothing you can do about it! I wrote about Facebooks tactics a year ago and it fell on deaf ears.

  8. Go generator
    March 3, 2011

    Thank you for you articles, it help me to improved my wp with fb. Even something updated on fb.

  9. hi i found this a very useful post since i’m actually gonna do this.. but there’s also one thing i found that might catch your attention.. in the first item of your last list (Still Need Help? section) you have:

    …blog posts are automatically pushed to your socialk media presences

    you might wanna fix that?

    • Social Media Marketing Diva
      January 14, 2012

      Thanks so much for the great article for integrating wp, twitter, and FB!! Obviously doing so is key for social media marketing and your explanation is nice and clear. Much appreciated!

    May 7, 2011

    Great post, FB conect is something that plays vital role in promoting service, site, integration with T is also great

  11. G.N.R.S.U
    May 9, 2011

    i remember this plugin

    maybe helpful

  12. Ian
    June 27, 2011

    Hey there,

    really useful but can’t get the bit to work with Facebook.

    Followed the instructions to the letter but still can’t get it to post to facebook despite tying it all up.

    Any ideas?



  13. Arnt Rikard
    July 28, 2011

    Thank you for this excellent post on “how to”.

    Like the idea of home base and outposts.

    I get twitter tools to work i WordPress, and are happy with that.

    Thank you for writing this article.

  14. rafi
    March 16, 2012

    thanx for the post

  15. Nuu
    May 31, 2012

    Nice post w/the Facebook & twitter plugins. Definitely what I needed. However…I don’t understand whats so great regarding your spiel on outposts & such. Like we know that. Of course we don’t own our stuff on twitter or Facebook. We’d be dumb to think we did even if they said we did. I can’t help but shake my head @ that whole analogy. Seriously. And Facebook is nice if you already have a network of people with similar interests (before getting adds of course). Twitter (like you’ve been getting at) is the way to go.

    • Neil Matthews
      May 31, 2012

      I think you missed my point about outposts, I’m saying create on your own digital properties and use outposts like FB and twitter to bring people to you.