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Projects I Have Completed For My Clients

Multi Language Websites

I Have Built Many Multi Language WebSites Using WPML

WooCommerce Setup

I Have Installed And Configured Complex WooCommerce Sites & Developed Extensions


I Have Recovered Clients Sites When They Have Crashed

Site Migration

I Have Moved Dozens & Dozens of Sites Between Hosting Companies & Domains

Theme Customisation

I Will Make Tweaks To The Look And Feel Of Your Site

Third Party Scripts

I Have Integrated Third Party Scripts Into Client Sites; Facebook, Google Analytics etc.

Speed Up Sites

I Have Performance Tuned Slow Loading Sites

Installed Premium Themes

I Have Installed And Configured Complex Premium Themes From Sites Such As Themeforest & WooThemes

Custom Coding

I Can Code Up Custom Solutions For You

Ongoing Maintenance

Our Maintenance Plan will keep Your Site Online & Up To Date


I Will Harden Your Site’s Security And Protect You From Attack & Recover From Hacks

?? Anything Else

Just Ask I Can Do Just About Anything With WordPress

What My Clients Say

Although I have used WordPress to build a number of websites in the past, I recently discovered a problem where the layout of one of my latest projects was breaking when viewed in Firefox. After spending a frustrating afternoon trying to resolve the issue myself and getting nowhere, I decided to contact Neil. Besides fixing the problem promptly, he was a pleasure to work with. I would happily recommend Neil to anyone who needs some help with their site, and I am sure I will be using his services again in the future.

Neil Mathews is my secret weapon when it comes to WordPress. He has pulled the charred, smoking wreckage of my website from the digital jaws of death on more than one occasion. Mostly because I know just enough about WP to be a danger to myself, and tend to blow it up at rather inopportune moments. Neil is always there when the smoke alarms go off and the databases on my server are spinning themselves into a state of frenzy.

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WP Dude is my go-to for every WordPress need – advice, help with my sites, quick fixes, and ongoing security and backup. I had looked for years for a similar service – affordable WordPress maintenance – and couldn’t find what I needed. With Neil’s team, they stay on top of keeping my site safe and are available to help when problems come up. They are also great with handling new site installs, customizations, and much more. I highly recommend them!

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