Welcome To WP DUde

My name is Neil Matthews and I’m the owner of WP Dude  Let me tell you a little more about us.

We are a team of WordPress developers and we specialise in providing WordPress care plans fixing those annoying technical issues that break on WordPress sites. 80% of running a WordPress site is none technical it’s that final 20% where things break, if you are hacked, if you need custom code or just cannot solve an error message, that’s where we step in.

We charge fixed price per project, ask for a quote and what we quote is what you pay, no price creapage.

I’m based in the UK, but my team of developers are based in the US, Canada, Australia and the Philipines,  but we work with clients from all over the world,  I can confidently say we have clients from every continent except Antarctica.

The blog attached to WP Dude is designed to help small business owners build their business online via a website and associated techniques.

Here’s a picture of me looking moody and interesting:

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