What We Will Do For Your Site


We Will Take Daily and Weekly Backups of Your Site


We Will Update Your Software As It Is Released


We will Install Tools That Will Monitor For and Alert our Team


We will check your site week for and optimize for issues caused by database and performance


We Will Recover Your Site If It Is Hacked Or Crashes


Each Week We Will Email You A Progress Report

Email Support

Get Access To Our Members Only Helpdesk For Email Support

?? Anything Else

Just Ask We Can Do Just About Anything With WordPress

Client Testimonials

Whenever I run into a WordPress problem that I can’t fix or figure out, I know I can count on Neil. There has never been an issue he couldn’t resolve. When I run into a problem I no longer worry about how am I going to find somebody to help or is this going to cost a lot of money to fix. Read full testimonial…

Although I have used WordPress to build a number of websites in the past, I recently discovered a problem where the layout of one of my latest projects was breaking when viewed in Firefox. After spending a frustrating afternoon trying to resolve the issue myself and getting nowhere, I decided to contact Neil. Besides fixing the problem promptly, he was a pleasure to work with. I would happily recommend Neil to anyone who needs some help with their site, and I am sure I will be using his services again in the future.

Neil Mathews is my secret weapon when it comes to WordPress. He has pulled the charred, smoking wreckage of my website from the digital jaws of death on more than one occasion. Mostly because I know just enough about WP to be a danger to myself, and tend to blow it up at rather inopportune moments. Neil is always there when the smoke alarms go off and the databases on my server are spinning themselves into a state of frenzy.

Read full testimonial…

WP Dude is my go-to for every WordPress need – advice, help with my sites, quick fixes, and ongoing security and backup. I had looked for years for a similar service – affordable WordPress maintenance – and couldn’t find what I needed. With Neil’s team, they stay on top of keeping my site safe and are available to help when problems come up. They are also great with handling new site installs, customizations, and much more. I highly recommend them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Your Service Designed For?

You are a WordPress website owner but you are not necessarily technical.

You are able to do most of the day to day activities on your site such as adding content, but don’t have the time or inclination to do the technical stuff.

You generate business or income from your website.

You want someone on call to do the techy stuff or to recover your site if it crashes or is hacked.

Does that sound like you?

What Can WP Dude Do For Me?

Here is what we will do on your site

  • Take daily and weekly backups
  • Update WordPress, plugins and themes as updates become available
  • Monitor your site for security issues and uptime
  • Harden security on your site
  • Optimize your site – optimize database, and performance of your site
  • Recover your site in the event of a hack, crash or error message from problems
  • Reporting – weekly reports on what we have been doing and exception reports when issues are found
  • Email support
  • Best practise – monitor for and fix best practise issues such as teh recent Google mobile change or security updates
  • ??Anything else just ask

How Will WP Dude Get Access To My Site?

Once you have requested a quote and it’s been approved we will send you an email detailing teh logins we need and how to keep them secure

We will need an admin level WordPress login and FTP access to your site (FTP will be supplied by your hosting company).


When Are You Available To Work On My Site?

We will be available to work on your site Monday – Friday.  As a matter of course we don’t work weekends

A member of our team will be on call over the weekends to monitor for and respond to urgent issues.

Our lead time is dependant upon our current work load, we will give you an idea of that during the quotation process.

What If I Have An Urgent Issue?

If you have an urgent issue such as a site crash or hack, mark your job urgent by adding URGENT into your email message and we will treat it as such.