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I’ve used Neil’s services twice now and have been very pleased, especially in comparison to other consultants I’ve used ( who were either incompetent/poor communicators/slow to respond, or exorbitantly priced.)

He is super fast, very reasonably priced, and always answers all my questions. I just had him move my hosting and improve the performance (loading time) of my site and wow! what a difference.

Can’t say enough good things about him:)

Short version
I don’t want to tell you about the wpdude because then he will get too busy -if I have a WP problem – he is now my gotoguy..he’s simply that good at what he does.

Longer version
Our website was hacked.
It took a week for the hosting company to “scale it up” to the senior support staff and then two days to say our site was ‘all clear”.
Except it wasn’t – it was slow, buggy, but the hosting company didn’t want to help. The three other security and “WP” experts I googled, either didn’t get back to me or could not solve the problem.
WPDude found the problem and sorted it out in 24 hours….

Neil does good work, is fast and responsive.

He understood my problem and fixed it.

I highly recommend him!

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