Paul Dixon

Although I have used WordPress to build a number of websites in the past, I recently discovered a problem where the layout of one of my latest projects was breaking when viewed in Firefox. After spending a frustrating afternoon trying to resolve the issue myself and getting nowhere, I decided to contact Neil. Besides fixing […]

Andrew Mann

Short version I don’t want to tell you about the wpdude because then he will get too busy -if I have a WP problem – he is now my gotoguy..he’s simply that good at what he does. Longer version Our website was hacked. It took a week for the hosting company to “scale it up” […]

Victoria Dunckley

I’ve used Neil’s services twice now and have been very pleased, especially in comparison to other consultants I’ve used ( who were either incompetent/poor communicators/slow to respond, or exorbitantly priced.) He is super fast, very reasonably priced, and always answers all my questions. I just had him move my hosting and improve the performance (loading […]