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My Musings On Lead Magnets

I’ve been musing about lead magnets lately and if they are worth while for my business.  My conclusion is NO. At present if you visit my site there is no email signup to get a download or drip email course, and this is intentional because lead magnets don’t appear to generated much business for me. […]



I’ve just come up for air.  I need more space. It’s a week into March already and I have been working none stop since the start of 2017.  I don’t ask for applauds or sympathy rather an understanding that working like this is a symptom of a broken project management system. I need space. I […]


Why I Use Contactually As My CRM

I’ve been jumping between CRM (customer relationship management) solutions for some time.  I’ve finally settled on one and I thought I would share the thinking behind why I have chosen Contactually. Some of the other CRMs I have trialed are Salesforce Highrise Capsule CRM Nimble CRM What I Want A CRM For I’ve been running […]


Do One Thing

There is a piece of paper on my cork board right in my eye line where I work.  It says “Do One Thing”. This is a personal note to myself to keep on target and stop veering off with every new idea that pops into my mind. I Like The Shiny & New My problem […]