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Canva Review

I’ve started to use an excellent tool called to create images for blog posts, ads and other online needs, here is my video Canva review. Canva is a freemium online  image manipulation tool, I have been using it for about one month and as a non-designer I am very very happy with the results. […]


Plugin Review: Activity Log

Do you need an activity log for your WordPress site? Are weird things happening on your website? Are things changing, but you never did anything? Is someone messing with your sites config? A great tool to monitor what is happening on your site is a plugin called Activity Log. What It Does It captures […]


Debugging Your WordPress Site

Most of the time your WordPress site will chug along happily, but when it breaks, the information available to you is limited. Debugging your WordPress site to find errors is a pretty simple thing. Trouble shooting any issues on your WordPress site becomes much easier if you put your site in debug mode.  In this post […]


Fix On Fail

I’ve brought a concept from big corporate IT over into my small business at and that is fix on fail. I offer a fix on fail service to my maintenance plan clients in this post I want to explain what fix on fail is and how it applies to a WordPress site. What Is Fix […]


Why I Use Contactually As My CRM

I’ve been jumping between CRM (customer relationship management) solutions for some time.  I’ve finally settled on one and I thought I would share the thinking behind why I have chosen Contactually. Some of the other CRMs I have trialed are Salesforce Highrise Capsule CRM Nimble CRM What I Want A CRM For I’ve been running […]