Plugins Like A Pro: Introduction

[private_plugins] Plugins are extensiosn to the base functionality of WordPress.  There are hundreds of them out there, I want to teach you how to find them, install them, update them and work with them This wordpress tutorial comes with screen casts to show you exactly how to work with plugins as part of the WordPress […]

Theme Masterclass: Introduction

[private_themes] The theme masterclass is designed to take you through all of the compoents of WordPress themes.  Choosing a theme, installing, tweaking adding widgets, in fact all aspects of the look and feel of your blog. These tutorials come with screencasts as part of the WordPress Owners Club. What Your Theme Does [/private_themes]

Tags ‘n’ Categories: Introduction

[private_tagsandcategories] Your posts are organised with tags and categories, in this series I hope to clear up the differnence between the two, teach you how to use them and more importantly how now to use them. I will show you in glorious wpdude-a-rama full colour screencasts how to use tags and categories. [/private_tagsandcategories]