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One of my long term clients, I've done many small development tweaks to this site and Suzanne is also one of my maintenance clients for updates, backups and security monitoring.


I was called in by Rob Van Den Braak to enable multi language functionality on his site, we built the site out to host English and Dutch versions of their content, this is what Rob had to say about that project.


Debra called me in to look at a number of small  issues on her site. Debra was kind enough to say this about my service.
My website looks great and is working properly! Neil was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for the quick response!


I was called in by Melody to fix a weird issue, she could not login to her site and could not recover her password, a little bit of white hat hacking later and I was able to get her in.


Neil McNeal from 2-for-1 is a long term client, we have done a number of projects together including a membership site style built to protect his content for members only, coding up theme changes.  2-For-1 is also on our maintenance program to keep plugins and themes up to date.


ChurchTechtoday and Lauren Hunter are one of our on going maintenance clients, we take care of the day to day maintenance of her site


We were called in to build a custom buddypress site for CircularSociety.com, a company based in Switzerland that is building a global community based around the idea of interconnectedness.


We have clients from all continents except Antarctica is one of my boasts, trackdayclub.com.au is one of my Australian clients.


We were engaged to build a multi language, multi currency e-commerce site.

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