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Services I Deliver To My Clients

Site Migration

I Have Moved Dozens & Dozens of Sites Between Hosting Companies & Domains

Installed Premium Themes

I Have Installed And Configured Complex Premium Themes From Sites Such As Themeforest

Ongoing Maintenance

My Maintenance Plan will keep Your Site Online & Up To Date

WooCommerce Setup

I Have Installed And Configured WooCommerce & Addons in complex setups.

Setup Plugins

I have installed and configured complex plugins for my clients


I Have Recovered Clients Sites When They Have Crashed

Theme Customisation

I Will Make Changes To The Look And Feel Of Your Site

Speed Up Sites

I Have Performance Tuned Slow Loading Sites


I Will Harden Your Site’s Security And Protect You From Attack & Recover From Hacks

Custom Coding

I Can Code Up Custom Solutions For Your Site

Third Party Scripts

I Have Integrated Third Party Scripts Into Client Sites; Facebook, Google Analytics etc.

?? Anything Else

Just Ask I Can Do Just About Anything With WordPress

What My Clients Say

I’m glad to have stumbled upon WP Dude, Neil, after experiencing some issues with updating our WP site, among other errors. I spent several hours trying to fix the problem(s) and was at my wits end, when I decided to give them a shot. At $99 and a fully transparent, seamless process, they jumped right in within 24 hours and had it fixed within another 12 hours, providing me with info about the source issue as well. Kudos to Neil, and I’ll be back for any other needs! Highly recommended for your WP support needs!

Excellent service at good rates from Neil on my recent multi-language project. He was quickly able to complete WPML set up and help troubleshoot some issues I was having, helping to keep the project on schedule. He was accessible, easy to work with, and efficient. I’ll be back in the future.

So far I’ve had Neil Matthews work on two projects for my website, both went smoothly. I am very happy with the work done and the price was right. I’d gladly recommend Neil to anyone who has a WordPress site as his work has been top notch. Going forward I will be working with Neil to keep my site up and running. Thank you Neil!

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